CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Windy Hills Inn – A World of Your Own

A quietly charming inn sitting on the top of a pine tree hill, in the heart of one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.

Windy Hills Inn is a peaceful retreat amid forests, green meadows and enchanting footpaths leading to the seashore and beautiful smooth cliffs. It's a place to revive the mind, nourish the body and soothe the soul. A sensual experience in a world of your own.

The Joy of Reading 

Here you can find a hearth for your creative soul. You can read away in your own choice of a Solar, or you can browse through inspirational magazines and books while enjoying a fine cup of coffee or tea. In Windy Hills Inn the past meets the future. Windy hills inn is filled with books, and comfortable nooks to nestle in. You can find a secluded and quiet spot in the garden or wander away to a hidden place of your own.

Each room has a theme of its own, which is reflected in the books carefully chosen for Your enjoyment.

The harmony of the elements.

The comfortable crackle and warmth of flames in the fireplace soothe while sitting on the sofa reading a book or while sitting by the table sipping a hot cup of coffee looking out from the panoramic window at the pine trees bending in the wind. Herbal teas, hot beverages, refreshing drinks and comfort food can all be enjoyed.

The fresh air blowing through the pine trees and from the sea accompany you on your walks to the shore or on your footpaths through the forest.You can sense the scent of earth and grass while you are napping in the hammock on the veranda. On the bare cliffs you can sit for hours and listen to the tranquil sounds of the waves and watch as they dissolve into light as they strike the cliffs.

Here you can find tranquility in exquisite surroundings and just enjoy the moment.